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Perinatal Wellness: pregnancy and postpartum support

So, you're #pregnant..... now what?

You've scheduled your OB/Midwife appointments. You're eyeing up the #Amazon/#Target baby registries. You're making room for a nursery. You're reading Blogs and Books on #pregnancy and raising your child.

That is a wonderful start!

Let's take it a step further and ensure you have all encompassing support through your pregnancy.

Perinatal #wellness is the perfect model of care to ensure you are supported and able to move through pregnancy confidently and comfortably.


As a #Pelvichealth physical therapist and trained #birthdoula I provide support including:

- physical - guided movement/stretching, movement programming

- emotional - email/text/virtual check-ins, resources for mental health

- informational - knowledge about pregnancy, birth, body changes, resources

- self advocacy - learn what questions to ask providers, how to identify all of your options and ensure your preferences are respected

- partner/family/community - Assist your people in supporting you during pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum

If I am hired as your #Birthdoula I can also provide support that includes documentation of the labor/birth!


#Wellness visits are scheduled intermittently through pregnancy to provide ongoing care. Click here to see how visits are typically utilized!

Perinatal Wellness Visit Schedule

1). Early Pregnancy *Planning*

2). 2nd Trimester *Movement*

3). 3rd Trimester *Birth Prep*

4). Late Pregnancy *Postpartum Planning*

5). Postpartum *Movement*

Here is the link to my Services Guide for more info!

Already have a #Birthdoula ?!

That is AMAZING. You will most likely have much of this support through your Doula.

If you find that you are struggling with pain, incontinence, or aren't sure where to start with exercise/movement during pregnancy..... Schedule a Discovery Session with me to learn more about how #pelvichealth Physical Therapy can help!

As always, I am here for your questions!

Take care.


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