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Physical Therapy - Tips For Identifying The Best Provider For You

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Don't find "A" #PT...... Find YOUR #PT!

As a healthcare consumer and the expert over your own body, you have a choice when determining who your physical therapist will be.

Follow these simple tips to find YOUR #physicaltherapist

Tip #1 - Know your options!

Google the providers in your area!

Social media is a great way to learn more about providers too (find me on Insta @kirstendesmaraisdpt)

Utilize APTA's "Find a PT" resource

For specialized care utilize search words like #pelvichealth #OCS #manualtherapy #boardcertified

Tip #2 - Ask around

Folks love sharing their stories! Positive and negative (so be ready to listen!).

Ask things like:

"Where should I avoid going?"

"Have you or a friend/family member have a remarkable experience with PT before?"

Tip #3 - Ask for a consult

Once you have identified someone who may be a good fit, ask to set up a phone consult! This is an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their treatment approach. Below are questions to ask:

- How long are appointments and how often can I expect to be seen?

- Are you the only physical therapist I will see during my care?

- Can you summarize your pricing structure?

- What specialized training or experience do you have in treating my condition?

- How soon could I be seen?

- Can I contact you between appointments with questions?

Tip #4 - Be honest

Be as open as you can about your ideal outcome in pursuing #physicaltherapy

Finding someone who will partner with you in pursuit of that outcome is key.

Don't waste your time with a provider who minimizes your goals or worse, flat out tells you that you cannot pursue your goals.

Tip #5 - Bring your experience with you

Your previous experience in PT and #healthcare as a whole really matters. Share your experience as you feel comfortable. What went well? What didn't go well? Have your concerns been taken seriously? This will help your provider tailor care specific to you.

Don't settle for sub-par care

#physicaltherapy is an investment in your #health. The provider you choose should take the time to answer your questions, align with you and your goals, and tailor care based on your unique needs.


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