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Early Pregnancy Guide: A Pelvic Health PT and Birth Doula Perspective

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Where to focus as you get started on your pregnancy journey

Information overload during pregnancy can be a challenge to navigate. This post is designed to help you prioritize your information gathering. My hope is that you can sift through the clutter to find the information YOU need to feel supported and prepared for this journey.

Let's take the guess work out of this process!

Tip #1 - Take Time to Reflect

It can be really tempting to dive right into planning, preparing, and DOING.

And, there will be plenty of opportunities for that.

There is just something to be said for processing and understanding what you might need as things unfold.

Below are some things to reflect on and consider:

What do you want for yourself during pregnancy?

When you close your eyes and dream about your pregnancy journey, what do you see? What does life look like? Who is next to you? This vision and intention for your pregnancy can be really powerful in how you prepare and plan for the process. Taking intentional time to reflect on this is key. While the pregnancy process cannot be planned, you can be conscious of your expectations and hopes in an effort to respond to the unexpected in a way that holds true to those hopes for this process.

What does "support" look like for you?

How do you cope with change, challenge, grief, etc?

What are you curious about?

Tip #2 - Assemble Your Team

You don't have to navigate this season alone. Now is a great time to research providers and assemble your care team. It is best to develop a list early so you can interview potential options and move forward with people who can support the vision you have for yourself.

Who might be on your care team?

  • Midwife and/or OB-GYN

  • Doula

  • Pelvic Health Physical Therapist

  • Counselor, guide, mental health provider

  • Prenatal Fitness Specialist/coach/trainer

  • Massage Therapist

  • Chiropractor

  • Esthetician (*Skin care needs can change in pregnancy and they can guide you on pregnancy safe products and services*)

  • Registered Dietician or Nutritionist

Tip #3 - Take Care of YOU

You won't regret taking care of yourself in this season. The steps you take now will also be incredibly helpful in preparing you for postpartum as well.

Struggling with where to start? Check out my list below:

  1. Sleep - Set consistent night time and wake routines with approx. 8 hours of sleep each night. Want to read more about sleep? This is my favorite book about sleep

  2. Move your body - If you were active before pregnancy, you can continue doing those activities! Although, you may find yourself needing to prioritize recovery more than before. (if you have been told by your provider that you are on pelvic rest, consult with them before starting something). If you haven't been physically active before pregnancy, this is a great time to start! I am here to help with this, fill out the form on this page to connect with me.

  3. Prioritize nutrient dense foods - Nutrition in early pregnancy is TOUGH. Do what you need to do to feel ok with nutrition. Consume a variety of foods when you can. More plants when possible! This is my favorite pregnancy and postpartum book related to nutrition

  4. Manage stress - We cannot avoid stress, but we can adopt helpful strategies to manage stress when it is present. Headspace is my favorite app for this!

Tip #4 - Compile Your Resources

Now is the time to start identifying your trusted sources for information. The last place you want to find yourself is on a late night, anxiety filled, black hole internet session. By compiling your own trusted sources of information, you can refer to them when you have questions instead of randomly searching the internet in hopes of finding comfort. As you identify your care team, you can ask them for their favorite pregnancy and postpartum resources!

Tip #5 - Stop Comparing

This pregnancy is your own journey and that is a good thing! Give yourself permission to move through this season they way YOU need to.

Ditch the information overload! Embrace a journey centered around YOU.

You deserve to be supported, feel confident, and embrace a pregnancy experience centered around your vision for you and your growing family. If you are interested in learning more about pelvic health physical therapy, birth doula work, or perinatal fitness let's connect! Click here to book a Discovery Session.


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