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Welcome to The Blog!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Join Dr. Kirsten as she shares insights into the world of Physical Therapy

My name is Dr. Kirsten DesMarais and I am the owner of EMPOWER ORTHO & PELVIC HEALTH! Thanks for checking out my site!

You've made it to The Blog, that means you must be curious about something.

I am eager to share more of my thoughts, elaborate on frequently asked questions, and share tip/tricks to keep you moving confidently and facilitate #self-advocacy in your own healthcare journey.

Check back on The Blog for new posts!

*What to look for in a #PT provider* *How to get the most out of your #healthcare visits* *Questions to ask your provider before a procedure* *#Tips for tough days* *Why self-pay?* *What do #perinatal #wellness services look like?* *Dr. Kirsten's #Postpartum tips* *Why hire a #Doula?* And, so much more!

I am so glad you are here.

Whether you are new to the physical therapy world or have had experiences with it in the past, I hope you find some new ideas here!

Take care of yourself!

- Dr. Kirsten

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