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Redefining the Physical Therapy Experience 

What to expect

A detailed and individualized service aimed at keeping you moving through life and achieving your optimal health. 

You can expect a combination of manual therapy and movement to be included in the treatment of both orthopedic and pelvic floor conditions. 

If you struggle with back pain, pregnancy related concerns, weakness, discomfort, or trouble staying active I want to help you.

I value collaborative care and enjoy working with interdisciplinary providers to address your needs.


To learn more about how I can help you, schedule a complementary Discovery Session!



About the Doctor 

Dr. Kirsten (she/her) has a passion for health and wellness in every season of life with a special focus on the perinatal season infusing her deep appreciation and understanding of birth with her hands-on and exercise skill into all prenatal and postpartum sessions.

She has had specialized training in orthopedics, pelvic floor, manual therapy, and dry needling.

She enjoys blending hands-on care with movement and exercise to tailor a unique approach to each patient where they can be seen, valued, and experience the best care possible.

Board Certified in Orthopedics

Specialized in the treatment of:

- pregnant and postpartum athletes  

- core and pelvic floor dysfunction

- spine, hip, low back, pelvis pain management


Skilled in a wide variety of manual therapy treatments including dry needling with E-stim, myofascial release, and spinal manipulation. 

What does Dr. Kirsten Treat?

Are you experiencing neck or back pain?

Have you undergone surgery but the problem hasn't improved? 

Are you looking for a non-traditional approach to your health or perinatal journey?


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Areas of Focus


Pelvic Health

  • Diastasis recti

  • Incontinence

  • Urgency

  • Pain with intercourse

  • Endometriosis

  • Pelvic pain

  • Abdominal pain

  • Pregnancy related pain or fitness concerns

  • Postpartum recovery

  • C-Section scar healing



  • Spine conditions & back pain

  • Hip & groin pain

  • Knee pain 

  • Shoulder pain

  • Post surgery

  • Headaches & neck pain



  • Health and wellness

  • Lifestyle modification

  • Prevention

  • Education

  • Accountability

  • Guided support 

  • Mobility

  • Strengthening

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

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