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Booking Guide

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Dr. Kirsten Is trained in speciality areas including:
- Dry Needling
- Soft tissue Mobilization
- Joint Manipulation
- Spine
- Hip/pelvis
- Birth Preparation
- Prenatal exercise
- Postpartum recovery

Discovery Session


Designed for you to learn more about what EMPOWER offers and help determine how we can move forward together



60 min.

New Client - No Doctor order needed! 

Perinatal Wellness Sessions


Virtual or in-person sessions addressing fitness, wellness, and preparation for pregnancy/birth/or postpartum

Follow up visit


60 min.

Physical therapy follow up session

5 Pack


5 sessions - 60 min. sessions

(valued at $750)

Prenatal Package


1Evaluation, 1 treatment session, 1 90 min. birth prep session

(valued at $500)

Postpartum Package


1Evaluation & 2 follow up sessions

(valued at $475)

Yoga/Pilates Small Group 10 Pack


10 Pilates sessions OR 10 Yoga sessions (cannot be combined)

(valued at $200)

1:1 Pilates Reformer 4 Pack


4 1:1 Reformer Pilates Sessions

(valued at $260)

Let's Work Together

Did someone refer you to me? If so, I'd like to thank them!

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